Me with a Guira cuckoo

My job description looks something like this:Talk to some of the most brilliant and innovative scientists in the world.  Read their research.  Ask lots of questions.  Read more wacky and weird research.  Learn about quirky critters (6-foot birds with hatchet-like beaks! Algae that control the weather!).  Understand we are all under the sway of our microbial overlords. Realize that world is way more complicated than you will ever understand.  Try to put all of this awesomeness into words. If this fails, brew another pot of coffee. Finally, try to convince your grandmother that being a science writer doesn’t mean you write VCR manuals and that, in fact, you can’t help her set up her new TV.

I’ve written for the Washington Post, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Smithsonian, Self, Slate, The Lancet, and more. To see a selection of my clips, please click here.